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Ready to make that change?

Are you tired of feeling...

  • Constantly overwhelmed and stressed out?

  • Burnout or stuck?

  • Depleted from the constant self-doubt and internal negative dialogue?

  • Depressed, anxious, or in a constant state of fear?

  • Exhausted from being a version of yourself you know you are not?

  • Like you are not the parent you had hoped you would be?

  • Defeated by constantly putting other people's needs before your own?

  • Easily impacted by other people's problems distracting you from your goals?



Know that...


You Are Not Alone


As a Nurse Psychotherapist I will guide you safely, gently, and effectively to who you were before you were impacted by the world. The person behind the behaviours, the thoughts, the illness.


After just a handful of sessions you will be left feeling empowered with a renewed sense of confidence, choice, connection and calm

The modalities I use are powerful evidence-based tools for healing and growth, which, will reconnect you with your body and intuition, leading to a greater sense of peace and well-being.

Depending on your needs which we will discuss in your discovery call you can either book in for a 60 or 90 minute session, or purchase them in packs for a discount. Scroll down further to learn more about my Thriving Spirit Program or ask about it in the discovery call!

Thriving Spirit Program

An innovative, gentle and safe somatic based process which gets to the root cause of your issues, so that you are left with a centred steadiness, ready to create the life you deserve. 



We create a safe and comfortable container to help you get grounded, and connect with the real issues behind your thoughts and behaviours. No need to rehash events - simple awareness and understanding needed for profound change occur over 2 sessions.



We gently and safely reset your nervous system by unburdening it from the pain of the past without the need to rehash events. Your body and mind will be moved to an empowered self-regulated state. Over 1-2 sessions.



Free from the unconscious means of self-sabotage you will leave with tools and strategies that will assist you to remain in your new empowered state as well as create a future that is aligned with your true self. 

The Thriving Spirit Program is ...

...a simple and effective evidence-based program which resolves a range of issues from treating anxiety and overwhelm to trauma-related issues in just a few sessions. 


Both Christine and Hannah were on antidepressants for long-standing issues of depression and anxiety. They had both been in and out of therapy for a number of years and both reported that they didn't feel much had shifted or changed apart from temporary relief and better awareness of their issues. After just a handful of sessions each and feeling equipped to dealing with life's challenges using their new found inner resources, they both reported feeling confident in speaking to their doctors about commencing a reducing regime of their antidepressants, with a view to coming off them all together. At a check up a few months on Christine happily reported "I have my emotions back!".


Angie contacted me after having been diagnosed with ADHD and Bipolar Disorder. She had been advised to start on medication to manage her symptoms of anxiety, overwhelm, poor sleep, periods of impulsive behaviour, depressive episodes, lack of focus and general confusion as to where her life was heading.  She wanted to try the program out first. After just 4 sessions she reported that 90% of the 'chatter' in her head had gone, had been able to sleep, had been laughing more than in the 'last few years', and had been speaking up for herself more. She had also started to make strong and exciting plans for her future. Asked if she thought the diagnoses she had been given only a couple of months prior would still hold now, she replied: "No". 

...Life Changing 

Jasmin had spent most of her life in survival state. Having removed herself from a domestically violent marriage she had spent the past 2 decades focussing on bringing up her 3 children as a single parent whilst battling various physical health issues which had her in and out of hospital. Things started to look like they were getting better as her children started to become independent but the stress of Covid, being in a physically demanding job and the financial pressure from the economic downturn found her in a frozen state in the middle of a busy shopping centre one day. Shocked and confused by this she was eager to engage in the process. A year on from completing the process in 3 sessions she is thriving and healthy. She is about to start a new job - one she describes as the job of her dreams, and her health is stable enough that she is planning on making the long trip to visit her sister on the other side of the world. 

If you too want to experience the transformation from a life of just surviving to one where your spirit is thriving then get in touch today. 


Contact us here:

I look forward to connecting with you!

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