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A simple yet powerful practice

21 Day Breathwork Program for Emotional Rebalance

Are you tired of waking up with anxiety? Do you struggle to focus, and feel overwhelmed throughout your day?

Have you been wanting to try out breathwork, but have no idea where to start?


If so, the 21 Day Breathwork Program for Emotional Rebalance is for you.

Brought to you from a busy mother who has tried a whole heap of tools and techniques over the years, this program is designed to help you manage stress, increase focus, increase energy and promote overall wellbeing through a powerful breathwork practice.

Why Breathwork?

The vagus nerve is the largest of 12 cranial nerves, essentially housing 90% of our nervous system. This vital nerve extends from the brain stem all the way to the gut, branching off to each and every one of our bodily systems along the way. It is responsible for key bodily functions such as blood pressure, and breathing regulation.

It plays a crucial role in regulating our body's responses to both internal and external factors, influencing both our mental and physical health, and our response to stress. Activities such as yoga, singing, and dancing stimulate the vagus nerve, but breathwork stands out as particularly effective in enhancing vagal tone - essentially the body's ability to adapt to stress.

Why This Breathwork Practice?

This diaphragmatic breathwork directly impacts the vagus nerve, releasing stress to promote relaxation.


When you inhale the breath to your body’s utmost capacity, it strengthens the sympathetic nervous system, enhancing your ability to confront stress. When you exhale strongly before pausing the breath, it activates the parasympathetic nervous system, releasing stress and promoting relaxation.

This breath practice fosters resilience, elasticity, and adaptability in the nervous system, reducing the likelihood of your being stuck in overwhelm and anxiety.


It's not just about deep breathing, it's about understanding and harnessing the power of your own body to promote emotional balance and wellbeing.


Why 21 Days?

The idea behind the 21-day journey is not just about forming a habit. It’s about giving your respiratory system a decent amount of time to develop the muscles that will have you breathing properly again after years of shallow breathing at your desktop!


Like any form of exercise, one day here and there won’t cut it. In fact, you might find it a bit awkward to begin with, but with 15 minutes of practice a day by week 3 something would have clicked and you will notice you are breathing differently. The benefits, however, are available from day one. So, stick with it, and experience them for yourself.

The Good Things!

The results of this program are far-reaching and transformative. By practicing this breathwork, you can look forward to:

  • Dissolving morning anxiety

  • Greater focus throughout your day

  • Greater energy throughout your day

  • Reduced overwhelm

  • Release stored stress and tension 

  • Stabilised stress levels

  • Spaciousness within body

  • Increased presence and patience with loved ones

This is more than just a breathwork program. It's a journey towards a healthier, calmer, and more balanced life. I invite you to join me and many of my clients and experience the transformative power of  breathwork for yourself.

Here's what some of my

clients had to say...

“After a day full of tantrums, it was good to feel into my body. I am feeling far less overwhelmed after the deeper breaths.”

“My blood sugar levels stabilized.”

"I feel like I can breathe again."

“The heaviness I used to feel in my chest has gone.”

"If I do it in the morning, it gives me such a strong sense of direction and acceptance for the day."

"You have the most lovely voice to guide, you've either been doing this for a long time or were born for it!"

A Consistent Practice Easily Incorporated into Your Day

This program is designed to be easy to incorporate into your daily routine. You can practice first thing in the morning to set the tone for your day or last thing at night to prepare for a good night's sleep.


Eventually, like myself and my clients, you might find yourself consciously practicing this breathwork anytime, anywhere - while driving, doing yoga, or walking.


It just becomes a part of your life.

You Haven't Been Breathing Properly for Years!

By consistently practicing for 21 days, you will realize that you haven't been breathing properly for years. Give your body time to adapt to this new way of breathing.


Once it does, you'll enjoy it so much that you won't want to stop.


And why would you? The benefits are too great to ignore.

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