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My beautiful country garden with sunset and butterfly
Trauma healing

Bringing people back to Themselves, to Each Other, to Nature

THERAPY             EDUCATION               SUPERVISION
warm and compassionate therapist

Hi there! I'm Monica

Mother. Writer. Lover of nature & music.

Mental health nurse, advocate & educator. Therapist.

& founder of  

The Thriving Spirit Project 

"I've been given more practical and effective tools in the few sessions I’ve had with Monica than in years of therapy"

I am a Nurse Therapist who uses gentle & effective somatic techniques to release stress & tension from your nervous system, allowing you to develop a healthier and more resilient response to life's inevitable challenges. If you are dealing with Depression, Anxiety, ADHD, PTSD or simply seeking more self-awareness & personal growth, I'm here to offer a safe & compassionate environment to help you transform. As an experienced practitioner, I combine science & spirituality and prioritize connection & healing over formal clinical methods

My aim is to guide you safely, gently, and effectively to who you were before you were impacted by the world. The person behind the behaviours, the thoughts, the diagnosis. So that after just a few sessions you will be left with a renewed sense of confidence, choice, connection and calm

If you are seeking a compassionate, culturally safe, inclusive, engaging, and empowering approach, then get in touch.

"Warning about this work:

It will change your life!

...I feel liberated!

I literally feel lighter.

I'm so relieved."

Jasmin, London UK

Three sessions left me feeling light as the weight I had been carrying for so many years lifted...Now as I go through life and its hurdles I am amazed that this wonderful feeling is still there a few months down the track and is just as strong.
Rumi quote

The universe is not outside of you. Look inside yourself;everything that you want, you already are.

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